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supervision & collaboration

1990 deforestation study, Lombok, Nusa Tengara, Indonesia by Gordon Brent Ingram


Theses supervised & committees chaired, The University of British Columbia

Master of Science in Forestry

·Ms. Jacquie Booth, Department of Forest Resources Management

report topic: Forest conversion in the Amazon Basin. 1989 to 1990. successfully defended.

·Ms. Alix Flavelle, Department of Forest Resources Management

thesis title:

A traditional agro-forestry landscape on Fergusson Island, Papua New Guinea.

1989 to 1991. successfully defended.

Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry

·Ms. Theresa Aloo, Department of Forest Resources Management

thesis topic:

Fuel wood and tree planning: A case study from Funyula Division in western Kenya.

[women, AIDS, loss of knowledge for environmental management, and disruption of replanting of fuel wood species in a highly cultural landscape]. 1989 to 1993. successfully defended.

Supervision of researchers

UBC Landscape Ecology Geographic Information System Laboratory

·Ms. Laura Safarian – Manager of the laboratory and the data base, 1991.

·Mr. Titayanto Pieter – Research associate for the research on eastern Indonesia, 1990 and 1991.

·Ms. Michele Weiberg – Tofino Creek Biodiversity Study, 1991.

·Mr. Nick Page – Tofino Creek Biodiversity Study, 1991.

·Ms. Margaret van Dijk – Tofino Creek Biodiversity Study, 1991.

·Ms. Alix Flavelle – various projects on landscape ecology and the in situ conservation of wild plants with genetic resources, 1990 to 1993.

·Ms. Milena Calendino – literature review of public participation in forest land use planning, 1993.

·Mr. Roderick MacFarland – Unix workstations for environmental planning research, conservation planning for the biosphere reserve of southern China, 1990 to 1993.

·Mr. Vince Amendolagine – landscape planning theory for conservation of biological diversity, 1994.

research collaborations:

·Dr. Liu Chuang, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Beijing -application of landscape ecology principles for the development of geographic information systems, and underlying geomatics theory, for biodiversity conservation, 1992.

·Professor Zhao Xianying, Director-General, Man and the Biosphere Programme National Committee (China), Chinese Academy of Sciences – surveying biodiversity and development of geographic information systems for some protected forests in southern China, 1992.

University of California Berkeley Department of Landscape Architecture and

Environmental Planning 1998,

research, Master of Landscape Architecture students

·Mr. Patrick McGanin, archives of the California landscape architecture, Thomas Dulliver Church & the early confluence of modernism and ecological design

·Mr. Jake Tobias, archives of the California landscape architecture, Thomas Dulliver Church & the early confluence of modernism and ecological design

International Institute for Aerospace Survey & Earth Sciences

·Mr. Kiran Paudyal, 1999 to 2000, Professional Master’s degree final project, Buffer Zone Design and Management: Policy issues for biodiversity conservation in protected forests (A case study of the buffer zone of Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal).

·Mr. Dhanapaul, 1999 to 2000, Professional Master’s degree final project, A Database for Tree Species with Implications on Forest Biodiversity Conservation in Jutpani VDC in Chitwan District, Nepal.

·Mr. Ghayyas Ahmad Raja, 2000 to present, M.Sc. thesis on conservation of scrub forest in the Salt Range of Pakistan

·Mr. Syed Abu, 2000 to present, M.Sc. thesis on detecting patterns of mangrove degradation and fragmentation in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh

·Ms. Grace Nangendo, 1999 to present, in latter phases of M.Sc. thesis and for Ph.D. proposal on conservation of forest and savanna biodiversity in Uganda through maintenance of traditional land use practices involving burning.

·Davide Geneletti, Free University of Amsterdam – Tutoring on introductory aspects of his 2002 Ph.D. indicator species in landscape ecological evaluation for environmental impact assessment with a case study of a mountain valley in northern Italy, 1999 and 2000.

Royal Roads University outside supervision

·Catherine Miller. Management requirements and land covenants for conservation of Garry Oak and associated ecosystems In British Columbia. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of M.Sc. in Environment and Management, Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada. co-supervision 2001 and 2002.

University of Victoria School of Environmental Studies

·Chris Ferguson, primary supervision for directed research entitled, `Ecogeographical Surveying of Salish Garry Oak Ecosystem Agricultural plants with a case study of Mt. Maxwell, Salt Spring Island,” Restoration of Natural Systems Program, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, 2002.

George Mason University Department of Environmental Science and Policy

·Chuck Fowler, a Ph.D. student with doctoral research on GIS as other geomatics tools for environmental risk assessment related to habitat protection in suburban areas such as Greater Miami and the Florida Keys

·Kwame Boakye-Agyei, a Ph.D. student with doctoral research on participatory GIS of a tribal society for conservation of forest habitat and wildlife species in Ghana

·Amy Bauer, a Ph.D. student analyzing the formation of policy on marine protected areas especially in the Caribbean

·Alex Bbarimah Owusu, a Ph.D. with doctoral research on the use of geographical information systems to community participation in environmental conservation in the savannah of northern Ghana

·Jason Hamby, an incoming Ph.D. student developing community-based, (sub)urban sustainability strategies for northern Virginia


·Dr. Ferdinando Villa, Institute of Ecology, University of Parma, tradeoff off analysis in biodiversity conservation planning, 1993 to 1995.

·Ms. Anne-Marie Bouthillette (formerly of The University of British Columbia) and Yolanda Retter, University of Southern California — cartography for tracking and respective urban design issues involving sexual minorities in public space, 1995 to 1997.

·Gavin Brown, King’s College, University of London — critical theory on historical and contemporary geographies of homosexual males, 1999 to 2003.