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plans, designs & proposals

Steps at Al Jabreen, an Islamic school from circa AD 1671, Hajar Mountains, northern Oman, January, 2004, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

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castle & ingram (side stream environmental design). 2014. Re-establishing traces of Stockholm’s postglacial ecosystems through native biota, urban design as sculpture & outdoor video sites for Hagastaden, Nya Karolinska Solna. proposal for public art explorations and consultations as part of an Artist in Residence for Hagastaden, Nya Karolinska Solna and submitted to NKS Art Committee, Stockholm County Council Cultural Committee.

castle & ingram (side stream environmental design). 2014. “A la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu: Decolonizing permaculture: The greatest adversity comes from forgetting. Proposal to Utopiana, Geneva for the programme, “Nature, adversity, etc.”

castle & ingram (side stream environmental design). 2013. “higher tides flooding debris flotsam driftwood repatriation” originally proposed for South London in association with Flat Time House and the Barry Flanagan Foundation

side stream environmental design. 2013. “We work where we live because we cannot find anywhere else to get the work done so that we can get paid: The political aesthetics of artist live work spaces in Vancouver.” Concept for a cultural series on artist live work studio urban planning and political economies developed for the Vancouver Tennant Union’s Rent Assembly programme.

side stream environmental design (Julian Castle, Gordon Brent Ingram, Cameron Murray, Rose Spahan, and Debra Sparrow). 2012 – 2-13. R.E.p.l.a.n.t: Bringing Salish food plants native to neighbourhoods back into urban agriculture & contemporary art. proposal for Vancouver’s False Creek Flats, for public art and urban agriculture.

Gordon Brent Ingram, Jaspal Marwah, Rose Spahan, Debra Sparrow, Julian Castle, Annabel Vaughan and Cameron Murray. 2012. search 4 redesigns: Insubordinate interventions for Vancouver’s public open space. Proposal for a curatorial series to 221A, Vancouver.

Ingram, G. B. 2008. Public input – Salt Spring Island Parks and Ecological Reserves Management Planning. submitted to BC Parks, Victoria.

side stream environmental design. 2005. ‘time-line’ public art proposal for the Fresh Ground cultural series, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

side stream environmental design. 2004. The Chalet Corbeau Property: Towards a site plan (Echenevex, Pay du Gex, France).

side stream environmental design. 2002. lost & found: re-establishing disappearing native trees as landart in under-used portions of neighbourhood parks as part of the Art & The Environment initiative of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation & Community Arts Council of Vancouver.

side stream environmental design. 2002. time line: A progression of motion, change & time-related installations about the twentieth century for the Art on the Ontario Street Greenway programme of the City of Vancouver Public Art Program.

Ingram, G. B. 2002. domination nation: 8 interventions subverting & rewriting early sites in the establishment of national & economic institutions in Vancouver. proposal to Artspeak Gallery.

Ingram, G. B. 2001. Review of Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee Draft Bylaw 365 Schedule 1 on Conservation of Garry Oak Ecosystems. Submitted to the Salt Spring Island Conservancy.

Ingram, G. B. 2001. Review of the Recovery Strategy for Garry Oak and Associated Ecosystems and their Associated Species at Risk in Canada 2001 – 2006. submitted to the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team.

Ingram, G. B. & Allan Lidstone. 2001. A conservation planning process for northern (Canadian) Garry oak ecosystems & associated biodiversity. A discussion paper for the GOERT (Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team) Conservation Planning & Site Protection RAG.

Ingram, G. B. and He Bin. 2000. A strategy for training in development, management & use of forest biodiversity conservation geographic information systems. Report to the Forest Conservation and Community Development Project, Yunnan Department of Forestry State Forestry Administration, People’s Republic of China & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Netherlands.

Ingram, Claudia Morgada and Cameron Murray. 1999. until the rock crumbles. Proposal for public art site / sculpture / mixed media in Parque de la Memoria / Monumento a las victimas del terrorismo de estado. Park for the memory of victims of state terrorism, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cowan, J., G. B. Ingram, C. Murray, and M. Wong. 1998. side stream: an arc of pools for False Creek & Skwaychays, `hole in bottom’, Vancouver. Proposal to Concorde Pacific for Marinaside Crescent by side stream environment design group.

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Old-growth forest and wilderness landscape values in the lands of the Greater Victoria Water District (with an emphasis on the Vietch, Niagara, and Waugh Creeks watersheds). Brief for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Victoria Branchto the Greater Victoria Water District.

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Scale and site-specificity requirements in the review of the cumulative impacts on biodiversity, visual, and heritage resources in the environmental assessment of the proposed Bamberton Town Development, Vancouver Island. Report to Province of British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office and Citizens’ Association to Save the Environment, Victoria.

Vagelatos, K. and G. B. Ingram. 1995. Native plants for residential landscapes: Design and management guidelines for southwestern BC.A Report to the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation of Canada, Ottawa.

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Implications of the Convention on Biological Diversity for institutional development in Indonesia and Malaysia: With a case study on Siberut, Indonesia. Canada-Southeast Asia Policy Paper for the Canada-Asia Pacific Institute.

H. S. Cassell and G. B. Ingram. 1994. Project outline for a Management Plan and Manual for St. Paul Subterranean River National Park and adjacent areas, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Report to the City of Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

G. B. Ingram. 1994. The sikerei of Siberut (Indonesia), intellectual property, and reserves for traditional knowledge. Report to the Rainforest Alliance (New York City) Natural Resources and Rights Program.

Ingram, G. B. and A. Pearson. 1990. Planning for islands: Habitat conservation, visual resources management, and wildland recreation development. Submission to the British Columbia Forest Resources Commission.

Ingram, G. B. 1981. Fragments: Management, protection, and restoration proposals for thirteen ecological reserves in British Columbia, Canada – A report to the Ecological Reserves Committee and Advisory Board and the Ministry of Lands, Parks, and Housing of the Government of the Province of British Columbia, June 1981.