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Nearly lost: Four bus-shelter posters re-introducing Vancouver’s Salish fruit trees

client / host
City of Vancouver Public Art Program
initial posters in the ongoing ‘Nearly Lost’ project: 4 different posters installed in 20 bus shelters with the poster dimension 47.25 inches x 68.25 inches.

October 10 to November 7, 2016 (with locations attached)

castle grünenfelder ingram (Julian Castle, Alex Grünenfelder, and Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram with this project involving conceptualization [...]

Revisiting visual languages for Pacific dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, half-way up the south-west face of Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island

I have been photographing this particular grove of dogwoods, half way up Mount Maxwell, for thirty-five years now. There has been no sign, so far, of the introduced Dogwood anthracnose (dogwood leaf blotch) blights from the introduced fungus Discula destructiva, When finding these trees again, in a violent rainstorm on the 14th of May, 2014, [...]

Utopiana - Geneva - satellite scene context study

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: installations, presentations, readings & performances

In a heritage Tsawout crab-apple patch, Belling Rising Up, Tsawout First Nation, Saanich, Vancouver Island  21 June 2004, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram
outdoor installations
· 2016 castle grünenfelder ingram (Alex Grünenfelder and Gordon Brent Ingram). Nearly lost: Re-introducing images of Vancouver’s native fruit trees. City of Vancouver “Coastal Cities” 2015-16 public art programme. 4 different, 68.25 X [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: designs, plans & proposals

preliminary studies for Utopiana, Geneva as part of the 2014-15 project,  “A la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu: Decolonizing permaculture: The greatest adversity comes from forgetting”
castle grünenfelder ingram. 2016. Mnidoo Mnising | chokecherry | crossroad. a multi-site installation with chokecherry, Prunus virginiana, proposed for a bicycle trail on Manitoulin Island, Ontario.
castle & ingram (Julian [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: publications on critical theory in contemporary and indigenous culture, environmental design & community development

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2013. Repopulating contentious territory: Recent strategies for indigenous North-west Coast site-based & public art. FUSE (Toronto) 36(4): 7 - 8.

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2012. From queer spaces to queerer ecologies: Recasting Gregory Bateson’s Steps to an Ecology of Mind to further mobilise & anticipate historically marginal stakeholders in environmental planning for [...]

Frank at San Gregorio Beach south of San Francisco in March 1979 the year before he became a nun and changed his name

Peerbadshah & Kashmir Himalayas

Astore Valley on the western edge of Kashmir

Cumshewa (Go’mshewah) Haida Gwaii: June 1974 (some of my very first photographs)