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North-eastern Lombok

Matatonan, Siberut

Father and son, Mado Bak, Siberut, 13 February, 1989, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

The island of Siberut lies off of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean.  Equatorial, fecund, and remote, the island’s traditional communities, the Mentawai, have come to be icons for resistance to cultural assimilation, in general, and to the worse excesses of religious missionaries, [...]

transmigrasi: speed & politics - rainforest destruction and transmigration camps, Sumatra, April 1986

Until well into the 1990s, the government of Indonesia was taking large amounts of loans from international agencies, such as The World Bank, for transmigration projects to clear the rainforests of frontier areas of its larger islands including Sumatra. Javanese settlers were enticed onto these lands often to face difficult conditions and economic ruin [...]

The master weavers of double-ikot, Tenganan, Bali

Singarajah, Bali