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Category Archives: portraits

three photographs from a 1985-95 study, ‘2houses’
with images from south-eastern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

2011 July 20 Saik’uz language guardians,
Geoffrey Thomas, Rita Thomas & Susie Antoine,
Stoney Creek, British Columbia


studio practice in
public art, environmental design &
related photography

highlights of studio practice: 2017-march-brochu-ingram-arts-vitae

Two Camassia spp. [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: concerns & practices

concerns & practices
* contemporary treatments of history and heritage in public art combining photo-based documentation and designs;
* contemporary treatments of indigenous North American experiences in public art and interventions;
* photography, drawings, maps and text documenting communities, cultural landscapes and environmental conflicts in new ways;
* collective and collaborative production of site-based art works and [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: publications in criticism & theory

Jason & Jon, Index, Washington, July 1980, 16 inches x 20 inches selenium-toned photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

Gordon Brent Ingram & Michael Habib. 2004. Re-ordering & after: Editing ecosystems & history in the restoration of heritage landscapes under globalization. in 2004-2005 Series of the Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Working Paper Series 160 (International [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: arts appointments & activism

Gerard, San Francisco, April 1980

2014 and ongoing, KEXMIN field station, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
2015, Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA), Vancouver
2010 to 2013, AWL Vancouver, Artist Work Live space advocates
1999 to 2002, Urban designer on the City of Vancouver Public Art Committee
1997 & 1999, Canada Council juries
1995 – 1997, `queer in space vancouver’, a [...]

Frank at San Gregorio Beach south of San Francisco in March 1979 the year before he became a nun and changed his name

Saik’uz: Tracing Stoney Creek

a traditional shed for food storage on the property of the family of Mary John

Geoffrey Thomas, Rita Thomas & Susie Antoine at Stoney Creek, Saik’uz First Nation 20 July, 2011

Anita’s kitchen window, Stoney Creek, Saik’uz, July 2011

Stoney Creek, near Vanderhoof, British Columbia, is a historic site of modern aboriginal resistance in Canada with the struggles [...]

from ‘roof’: Julian in the verbena, Railtown Studios green roof, Vancouver

from ‘roof’: Lemon sorrel, rose & Julian

Patrick Blaeser & Emilio Rojas, Railtown Studios, Vancouver

Peerbadshah’s houses, Bhabra Bhalwal, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan

Peerbadshah is the son of a socially progressive feudal landlord.