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Category Archives: motion & multiple exposures

three photographs from a 1985-95 study, ‘2houses’
with images from south-eastern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

2011 July 20 Saik’uz language guardians,
Geoffrey Thomas, Rita Thomas & Susie Antoine,
Stoney Creek, British Columbia


studio practice in
public art, environmental design &
related photography

highlights of studio practice: 2017-march-brochu-ingram-arts-vitae

Two Camassia spp. [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: concerns & practices

concerns & practices
* contemporary treatments of history and heritage in public art combining photo-based documentation and designs;
* contemporary treatments of indigenous North American experiences in public art and interventions;
* photography, drawings, maps and text documenting communities, cultural landscapes and environmental conflicts in new ways;
* collective and collaborative production of site-based art works and [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: media

Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, August 1991
· interventions, spanning public art, urban design and landscape architecture, environmental analysis and performative events in public space
· configurations of photographic imagery, drawings, and text in both books and other publications and in larger forms in exhibition spaces and installations
· videos made from discarded cell / mobiles [...]

Utopiana - Geneva - satellite scene context study

2houses: Still lives

My unfinished project, 2houses, has been an exploration of the vaguely parallel worlds of my mother’s apartment at 3365 Browning Street in Victoria, British Columbia, and the relatively wild ecosystems of the west face of Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island, often populated my male friends, roughly thirty kilometres to the north. My work on [...]

Railtown Studios Green Roof: A late summer lomographic study

Rita Morris celebrating the beginnings of spring, Vancouver Islan

Amazonas, Venezuela

A bit of far southern Venezuela merges with the Amazon Basin. Part of the Orinoco River flows into the watershed of the Rio Negro River, a tributary of the Amazon River.

Nearly two hundred years after Alexander von Humboldt and French botanist Aimé Bonpland confirmed the ambiguity of these divides, these bifurcations, I [...]

The boats at Jardin du Luxembourg

transmigrasi: speed & politics - rainforest destruction and transmigration camps, Sumatra, April 1986

Until well into the 1990s, the government of Indonesia was taking large amounts of loans from international agencies, such as The World Bank, for transmigration projects to clear the rainforests of frontier areas of its larger islands including Sumatra. Javanese settlers were enticed onto these lands often to face difficult conditions and economic ruin [...]