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Nearly lost: Four bus-shelter posters re-introducing Vancouver’s Salish fruit trees

client / host
City of Vancouver Public Art Program
initial posters in the ongoing ‘Nearly Lost’ project: 4 different posters installed in 20 bus shelters with the poster dimension 47.25 inches x 68.25 inches.

October 10 to November 7, 2016 (with locations attached)

castle grünenfelder ingram (Julian Castle, Alex Grünenfelder, and Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram with this project involving conceptualization [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: reviews & discussions of visual work & designs

Misfat Al A’briyeen, Hajar Mountains, Oman, 3 January 2004, photograph by Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram

1981. Exiled artists expose queer culture. Coming Up! (San Francisco) (June 1981): backpage, 7. PDF copy available: 1981-exiled-artists-expose-queer-culture-coming-up-san-francisco-june-1981-backpage-p-7
Andrew Palmer. 1991. Staging the self - Photography / Andrew Palmer on the civilised delights of Cindy Sherman and the desperate lives of the Tuareg. [...]

roof: Produce Produce: Examining Urban Sustainability: Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, British Columbia

a work in the exhibition entitled,
Produce/Produce: Examining urban sustainability,
Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, British Columbia

September 17th to October 23rd, 2010

from ‘roof’: Julian in the verbena, Railtown Studios green roof, Vancouver

from ‘roof’: Lemon sorrel, rose & Julian

Railtown Studios Green Roof: A late summer lomographic study

native lilies, Erythronium oregonum, & camas, Camassia species, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island