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Category Archives: community-initiated environmental conservation

three photographs from a 1985-95 study, ‘2houses’
with images from south-eastern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands


studio practice in
public art, environmental design &
related photography

highlights of studio practice: 2017-march-brochu-ingram-arts-vitae
arts & institutional vitae: 2016-11-18-pp-gordon-brent-brochu-ingram-cv-contemporary-visual-art-env-design

Two Camassia spp. on historic Songhees village site, Dallas Road Victoria, Vancouver Island, May 1978, [...]

Nearly lost: Four bus-shelter posters re-introducing Vancouver’s Salish fruit trees

client / host
City of Vancouver Public Art Program
initial posters in the ongoing ‘Nearly Lost’ project: 4 different posters installed in 20 bus shelters with the poster dimension 47.25 inches x 68.25 inches.

October 10 to November 7, 2016 (with locations attached)

castle grünenfelder ingram (Julian Castle, Alex Grünenfelder, and Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram with this project involving conceptualization [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: published photographs, drawings, & designs

Father & son in longhouse, Siberut, Indonesia, April 1988, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

Riffat Abbas. 2011. Kafis. Muse India: The literary web journal of India (Issue Number 38 July - August 2011 Special Issues on Siraiki across India & Pakistan)                               
Ingram, G. B. 2002. Thinking like a dynamic mosaic: Towards a strategy for [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: publications on critical theory in contemporary and indigenous culture, environmental design & community development

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2013. Repopulating contentious territory: Recent strategies for indigenous North-west Coast site-based & public art. FUSE (Toronto) 36(4): 7 - 8.

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2012. From queer spaces to queerer ecologies: Recasting Gregory Bateson’s Steps to an Ecology of Mind to further mobilise & anticipate historically marginal stakeholders in environmental planning for [...]

Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: arts grants & awards

Mentawai brother & sister, Siberut, Indonesia, March 1988 photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

2004 – 2005 The Canada Council, Travel grant for a public presentation and workshop on interventions in conservation of heritage landscapes and neighbourhoods as contemporary culture and arts production in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2003 The Canada Council, Travel grant for lectures and [...]

roof: Produce Produce: Examining Urban Sustainability: Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, British Columbia

a work in the exhibition entitled,
Produce/Produce: Examining urban sustainability,
Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, British Columbia

September 17th to October 23rd, 2010

from ‘roof’: Lemon sorrel, rose & Julian

Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island


The west face of Mount Maxwell is dry and cliffy rising out of the narrows that separate this ridge from Vancouver Island. A cultural landscape stewarded by millennia by Cowichan communities, the oak woodlands and remaining savannah along with the forests of old-growth Douglas fir have been sculpted by a jumble of human forces from [...]

The Hunza Gardens of Disappearing Glaciers, Northern Areas, Pakistan, May, 2006

Gardens below Rakaposhi between Gilgit and Karimabad, Nothern Areas, Pakistan, 25 May 2006, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram.

Over the last several thousand years, tribal farmers, orchardists in particular, have taken advantage of the melting glaciers in the headwaters of South Asia to create exceptionally artificial, well-designed, and dynamic agro-ecosystems. The Hunza, [...]

Astore Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan, 21 May 2006