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Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: designs, plans & proposals

preliminary studies for Utopiana, Geneva as part of the 2014-15 project,  “A la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu: Decolonizing permaculture: The greatest adversity comes from forgetting”


castle grünenfelder ingram. 2016. Mnidoo Mnising | chokecherry | crossroad. a multi-site installation with chokecherry, Prunus virginiana, proposed for a bicycle trail on Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

castle & ingram (Julian Castle and Gordon Brent Ingram). 2014. Re-establishing traces of Stockholm’s postglacial ecosystems through native biota, urban design as sculpture & outdoor video sites for Hagastaden, Nya Karolinska Solna - submitted to NKS Art Committee, Stockholm County Council Cultural Committee.

castle & ingram. 2013. higher tides flooding debris flotsam driftwood repatriation, originally proposed for South London in association with Flat Time House.

side stream environmental design (including Gordon Brent Ingram and Julian Castle). 2013. We work where we live because we cannot find anywhere else to get the work done so that we can get paid: The political aesthetics of artist live work spaces in Vancouver. Concept for a cultural series on artist live work studio urban planning and political economies developed for the Vancouver Tennant Union’s Rent Assembly programme.

side stream environmental design (Julian Castle, Gordon Brent Ingram, Cameron Murray, Rose Spahan, and Debra Sparrow). 2012 - 2013. R.E.p.l.a.n.t: Bringing Salish food plants native to neighbourhoods back into urban agriculture & contemporary art. proposal for Vancouver’s False Creek Flats, for public art and urban agriculture.

Gordon Brent Ingram, Jaspal Marwah, Rose Spahan, Debra Sparrow, Julian Castle, Annabel Vaughan and Cameron Murray. 2012. search 4 redesigns: Insubordinate interventions for Vancouver’s public open space. Proposal for a curatorial series to 221A, Vancouver.

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