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Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: installations, presentations, readings & performances

In a heritage Tsawout crab-apple patch, Belling Rising Up, Tsawout First Nation, Saanich, Vancouver Island  21 June 2004, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

outdoor installations

· 2016 castle grünenfelder ingram (Alex Grünenfelder and Gordon Brent Ingram). Nearly lost: Re-introducing images of Vancouver’s native fruit trees. City of Vancouver “Coastal Cities” 2015-16 public art programme. 4 different, 68.25 X 47.25 inches posters, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the City of Vancouver Public Art Program, curated by Karen Henry with the following large text in local Salish languages along with English and Latin botanical on each different poster:

1. lhexwlhéxw | chokecherry | Prunus virginiana

2. t’elemay (with two vertical accents over ‘m’ and ‘y’ and an acute accent over the ‘a’) | chokecherry | Prunus virginiana

3. ?wu7úpay (with a vertical accent over the ‘y’) | Pacific crabapple | Malus fusca

4. qwa’upulhp | Pacific crabapple | Malus fusca


Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2013. Repopulating Contentious Territory: Recent Indigenous Aesthetic Interventions in Public Space on the West Coast of Canada. Symposium on Decolonial Aesthetics from the Americas. University of Toronto.

Ingram. 2013. Designs from The Terminal City: Activist strategies for diversifying research & educational offerings for a national centre in Toronto. Faculty of Design of Ontario College of Art and Design University. Toronto.

Ingram. 2011. Repositioning the Landscape in Architecture: Site planning For Uncertain Times. University of Hawaii School of Architecture, Honolulu.

Ingram, G. B. 2010. Reinstating Transgression: Reimagining public policy for emerging political economies of queer space. presented at Reinstating Transgression: Emerging political economies of queer space. American University, Washington D.C., April 17-18, 2010.

Ingram, G. B. 2010. Queer Ecologies & Queerer Political Economies: Methods for the Re-Conceiving of Sexualities, Communities & Power Within Rapidly Changing Environments. Panel 1A Research Methods & Methodologies. presented at Reinstating Transgression: Emerging political economies of queer space.

Ingram, G. B. 2010. After The Goldrush: Methods for Assessing the Impacts of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics on Native Sexual Minorities & Development of Strategic Responses to Inequities presented at Reinstating Transgression: Emerging political economies of queer space.

Ingram. 2007. Fragments, edges & matrices: Some landscape ecologies of networks of sexual minorities within neighbourhoods. Gladstone Hotel, Toronto. Presented and discussed at Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics & Desire, Toronto, Ontario (sponsored by York University).

Ingram 2007. Globalizing homosexual & male guest worker identities: The strategic role of Dubai’s Open Beach. Presented at “SEXUALITY AND SPACE,” a pre-conference of the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California.

Ingram. 2006. Making ‘The Ghetto’ in The Terminal City: Some queer language of resistance & community formation in mid to late 20th Century Vancouver. American University, Washington, D. C., Colloquium on Language & Homophobia.

Ingram. 2004. Redesigning public open spaces as ecological & cultural infrastructure: From Vancouver to Lahore. Workshop for Quaid College, in cooperation with Arage Resource Center Institute of Heritage Education, Archaeological Department Training Institute, Lahore, Pakistan.

Ingram. 2004. Returning to the scene of the crime: Uses of trial dossiers on consensual male homosexuality for urban research with examples from twentieth century British Columbia. RESOLUTIONS AND RUPTURES: Sexual and gender diversity and the spaces in between, conference at The University of British Columbia.

Ingram. 2003. Reconnecting: Planning networks of open space for nature & culture from Vancouver to Sharjah. Medina Forum, Institute for Urban and Regional Planning and Design, College of Architecture & Design, American University Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Ingram 2002. The ecology of Mt. Maxwell & other northern Garry oak landscapes, Salt Spring Island Conservancy, Ganges, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia followed by a field trip on management and restoration.

Ingram. 2002. Returning to the scene of the crime: Historical fragments & unfinished plans. Xtra Speakers series, Little Sister’s Bookstore, Vancouver.

Ingram. 1997. Redesigning Wreck: The beach as site of queer placemaking and homophobic reaction in Canada. Queer Nation Symposium, Centre Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, Toronto.

Ingram 1997. The city as homoerotic archaeology: Excavating lesbian and gay Los Angeles and Vancouver. Presentation of Ingram & Yolanda Retter at Beyond Baroque Literary / Arts Center, Venice, California.

Ingram. 1997. Surveying the territory: Contentions around queer space & the functions of an anthology. Presentation of Ingram & Retter at A Different Light Bookstore, West Hollywood, California.

Ingram. 1997. Queers & public space: The new localism as queerscape architectures as civic politics. Modern Times Book Store, San Francisco.

Ingram. 1997. Ghetto versus walled city: New tactics for making more & better queer neighbourhood space. A Different Light Book Store, San Francisco.

Ingram. 1997. Coming home: Mapping for queer placemaking in Vancouver. Little Sisters Book Store, Vancouver.

Ingram. 1997. Remaking Queer Public Space in the Castro Talk for Castro Area Planning + Action, San Francisco.

Ingram. 1995. Public open space in the city as strategic queer sites. Introductory talk for the panel, Queer city spaces. Queer Frontiers (Conference).

Ingram. 1995. Ten arguments for a theory of queers in public space. Introductory talk for the panel, Queer space: Sites of existence, sites of resistance. Queer Frontiers (Conference), International Lesbian and Gay Archives, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Ingram. 1993. Queers in space: Towards a theory of landscape and sexual orientation. Queer Sites Conference. University of Toronto.

Utopiana - Vernier - Geneva context study, 2014, Gordon Brent Ingram & Julian Castle

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