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Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: reviews & discussions of visual work & designs

Misfat Al A’briyeen, Hajar Mountains, Oman, 3 January 2004, photograph by Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram

1981. Exiled artists expose queer culture. Coming Up! (San Francisco) (June 1981): backpage, 7. PDF copy available: 1981-exiled-artists-expose-queer-culture-coming-up-san-francisco-june-1981-backpage-p-7

Andrew Palmer. 1991. Staging the self - Photography / Andrew Palmer on the civilised delights of Cindy Sherman and the desperate lives of the Tuareg. The Independent (London daily newspaper) 16 August, 1991: 17. PDF copy available: andrew-palmer-1991-staging-the-self-photography-the-civilised-delights-of-cindy-sherman-and-the-desperate-lives-of-the-tuareg-the-independent-london-uk-16-august-1991-page-17

Sarah Kent. 1991. Gardens of Despair. Time Out (London) (September 11-18, 1991). No. 1099: 42. PDF copy available: sarah-kent-1991-gardens-of-despair-in-time-out-london-september-11-18-1991-no-1099-p-42

Herbert Muschamp. 1994. Architecture View, Designing a framework for diversity. The New York Times, Sunday, June 19, 1994, Sunday Arts Section page 32 (full page). PDF copy available: herbert-muschamp-1994-architecture-view-designing-a-framework-for-diversity-new-york-times-june-19-1994-sunday-arts-section-page-32

Liz Kotz. 1994. Queer Spaces. World Art (New York) November 1994. PDF copy available: liz-kotz-1994-queer-spaces-world-art-new-york-november-1994

Connie Butler. 1994. Queer Space. Art+Text (New York) (September 1994) 49: 83 - 84. PDF copy available: connie-butler-1994-queer-space-arttext-new-york-september-1994-49-pages-83-84

Ann C. Sullivan. 1994. Design Community Celebrates Gay Rights. Architecture (August 1994): 24 - 25. PDF copy available: ann-sullivan-1994-design-community-celebrates-gay-rights-architecture-august-1994-pages-24-25

Philip Arcidi. 1994. Defining gay design, Progressive Architecture (August 1994): 36. PDF copy available: philip-arcidi-1994-defining-gay-design-in-progressive-architecture-august-1994-page-361

John Bentley Mays. 1994. Green passages / Examining the different meanings of urban territory - Queer space. The Globe and Mail (Toronto) September 21, 1994: A13. PDF copy available: john-bentley-mays-1994-green-passages-examining-the-different-meanings-of-urban-territory-queer-space

Mays, John Bentley. 1994. Cities: Redefining urban space (the controversial concept of `queer space’ breathes new life into the arid subject of city planning). The Globe and Mail October 3, 1994: Arts Section - C7. PDF copy available: john-bentley-mays-1994-redefining-urban-space

John Bentley Mays. 1997. Mapping the gay cityscape. Globe and Mail (Toronto)(July 30, 1997): A12. PDF copy available: john-bentley-mays-1997-mapping-the-gay-cityscape

Don Elder. 1997. Queering new space. Angles (Vancouver) (August 1997): 15.

Daniel Gawthrop. 1997. Gay culture gets it straight. Vancouver Sun (November 22, 1997): H6.

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Cassandra Langer. 1998. Queers in space. Women Artists News Book Review (Spring 1998): 59.

Joe Knowles. 1998. The end of straightdom as we know it. Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review (Winter 1998) V(1): 44 - 45. PDF copy available: joe-knowles-1998-the-end-of-straightdom-as-we-know-it-harvard-gay-lesbian-review-_winter-1998_-v_1_-44-45

A. P. 1998. Ouvrages théoriques. Parachute (Montréal) (January - March 1998).

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Maggie Toy. 1998. Queers in Space. Architectural Design (London) 68 (9/10) (Ephemeral / Portable Architecture issue): xiii.

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