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Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: concerns & practices

concerns & practices

* contemporary treatments of history and heritage in public art combining photo-based documentation and designs;

* contemporary treatments of indigenous North American experiences in public art and interventions;

* photography, drawings, maps and text documenting communities, cultural landscapes and environmental conflicts in new ways;

* collective and collaborative production of site-based art works and related engagement with respective communities;

* design of networks of open space and associated urban design and public art often employing geomatics, visualization and other digital technologies;

* research on and design responses to gender and sexual politics, multicultural experiences, environmental injustice, and social conflicts in public space involving photographs, drawing, plans, and digital mapping; and

* public art combined with ecological restoration as part of urban design and community development - since landart and other early environmental art movements.

Peer Badshah with Rakaposhi, Karakoram mountain range behind him, Gilgit,  Pakistan,  23 May 2006 photo by Gordon Brent Ingram

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