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guest lectures & meetings

Pacific crabapple, qwa’upulhp (in the Downriver dialect of Halkomelem), Malus fusca, north of the site of the village of Xwaaqw’um, Burgoyne Bay, Salt Spring Island 2016 August 12  * photograph by Alex Grunenfelder & Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram.

Brochu-Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2021. Reimagining Queer Infrastructure: Planning for ecologies of care. guest lecture in CRP3852 / CRP5852 / ARCH6408 Queer [...]

Gordon Brent INGRAM: workshop critic & panel contributions

1. 2009. Panellist on research methods for urban environmental histories and exploration of  implications of historical investigations for contemporary urban policy after the screening of  REX VS. SINGH  (Directed by Richard Fung, John Greyson and Ali Kazimi  / Canada / 2008 / video / 39 minutes). Presented by INSTRCC (INitiative for Student Teaching and [...]

Negotiating Postcolonial Solidarities: Conflicts around knowledge production on sexual minorities, repression & resistance

Principles and practices of solidarity, linking metropolitan and marginal areas of former empires, increasingly diverge between postcolonial ideals and neo-colonial realities. A liability of queer critiques, even more problematic than futile efforts at censorship of books, is the effective obstruction of research initiatives necessary to obtain the empirical data to effectively build solidarity projects with [...]

Reinstating Transgression: Emerging political economies of queer space




Over the last half-century, a large and growing portion of communities have been transformed, sometimes radically and more often subtly, by assertions of women and sexual minorities for more equitable distribution of space, resources, social and economic [...]