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Monthly Archives: November 2011

book, media & design reviews

Go’mshewah (Cumshewa) triptych Haida Gwaii June 1974
one of the first photographs taken by Gordon Brent Ingram

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2015. Review of Christina B. Hanhardt, Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence (Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2013). Journal of American Studies 49(3): 645-646.

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2013. Repopulating contentious [...]

creative writing

o Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2010. ‘roof’ included in the exhibition, ‘Produce Produce: Re-Examining Urban Sustainability’, Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, British Columbia, September and October, 2010. a 52 page hand-bound paper book 4 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches. gordon-brent-ingram-2010-roof-in-produce-produce-exhibition-arnica-kamloops

o Ingram, G. B. 2011. The importance of public sex in the age of digital appliances. in [...]

peer review of journal & book manuscripts

· Gender, Place and Culture: A journal of feminist geography, 2003.
· The Canadian Geographer, 2003.
· Sexualities Journal, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003.
· ACME: An international e-journal for critical geographers, 2002.
· Journal of Environmental Management, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2000.
· Spacemaker Press, 1998.
· Journal of Critical Sociology, 1994.
· Pacific Affairs, 1994.

presentations at international conferences, symposia & colloquia

Brochu-Ingram, 2021. The Land We Would Like To Be: Renewing biodiversity conservation planning strategies as part of joint management with First Nations around the northern Salish Sea. City and Regional Futures Colloquium, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning.  brochu-ingram-2021-the-land-we-would-like-to-be-for-cornell-planning2

Brochu-Ingram. 2020. Queer infrastructures: Design strategies [...]

guest lectures & meetings

Pacific crabapple, qwa’upulhp (in the Downriver dialect of Halkomelem), Malus fusca, north of the site of the village of Xwaaqw’um, Burgoyne Bay, Salt Spring Island 2016 August 12  * photograph by Alex Grunenfelder & Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram.

Brochu-Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2021. Reimagining Queer Infrastructure: Planning for ecologies of care. guest lecture in CRP3852 / CRP5852 / ARCH6408 Queer [...]

Gordon Brent INGRAM: workshop critic & panel contributions

1. 2009. Panellist on research methods for urban environmental histories and exploration of  implications of historical investigations for contemporary urban policy after the screening of  REX VS. SINGH  (Directed by Richard Fung, John Greyson and Ali Kazimi  / Canada / 2008 / video / 39 minutes). Presented by INSTRCC (INitiative for Student Teaching and [...]

Gordon Brent INGRAM: book projects & other works in progress

Pacific dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, in a rainstorm May 8, 2014 Mount Maxwell Ecological Reserve, Salt Spring Island - castle & ingram #03 - This is in an exceptional grove of Pacific dogwoods that Ingram began studying in 1979 and that was finally brought under the protection of of the British Columbia Ecological Reserves Act in [...]

Gordon Brent INGRAM: university courses developed & taught

Akbar’s Palace in Ajmer Rajastahan 2007 March 21 photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

courses already developed & taught
Biodiversity Conservation, Local Communities & Sustainable Development (2006 - 2008) - a seminar for MSc, MA, PhD students PDF file available: 2006-syllabus-biodiversity-conservation-local-communities-sustainable-development-by-gordon-brent-ingram
Ecological Design for Sustainable Communities (2006 - 2008) an undergraduate and graduate-level lecture course with a laboratory [...]