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Brochu-Ingram, Gordon Brent, Peter Hobbs and Cate Sandilands. 2015. Roundtable. Part 1: From Queer/Natures to Queer Ecologies. UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies 19: 15 - 16; Part 2: Examining Heteronormativity, Reprocentricity, and Ecology: 27 - 28; Part 3: Politics, Resistances, Alliances, and Imbroglios: 46 - 47; and Part 4: Queer Ecologies at the Limits: 60 - 61.

Anderson, Jill E, Robert Azzarello, Gavin Brown, Katie Hogan, Gordon Brent Ingram, Michael J. Morris & Joshua Stephens - hosted by Jamie Heckert. 2012. Queer ecology: A roundtable discussion. European Journal of Ecopsychology 3: 82 - 103.

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2011. Cruising on the Margins: Photographing The Changing Worlds of Outdoor Sex Between Males. An essay in Chad States. 2011. Cruising: Photographs by Chad States. New York: powerHouse Books. pages 79 - 87. PDF copy available: ingram-2011-essay-cruising-on-the-margins-in-chad-states-2011-cruising

Ingram, G. B. 2009. False Creek dichotomies: Public art, marketing, and memory. PubliCity (Vancouver) 2 (The Art of Space issue): 13 – 15. PDF copy available: ingram-g-b-2009-false-creek-dichotomies-public-art-in-publicity-vancouver-2-the-art-of-space-issue-13-e28093-15 . An expanded version of this essay on False Creek is posted at

Ingram & Lindsay Upshaw. 2004. Setting goals and priorities for restoration strategies in the context of disparate historical interpretations: An example from the Garry oak and Douglas fir mosaic of Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Proceedings of the16th International Conference, Society for Ecological Restoration, Victoria, Canada. Victoria: Society for Ecological Restoration and the University of Victoria. PDF file available: ingram-upshaw-2004-setting-goals-priorities-for-restoration-strategies

2. Ingram, G. B. 2002. Thinking like a dynamic mosaic: Towards a strategy for conserving northern Garry oak ecosystems * part 1. Menziesia (Journal of the British Columbia Native Plant Society). 7 (1): 8 – 11. PDF file available: ingram-2002-thinking-like-a-dynamic-mosaic-part-one

3. Ingram, G. B. 2002. Thinking like a dynamic mosaic: Conservation planning for the plant species at risk in northern Garry oak landscapes in BC, * part 2. Menziesia 7 (2): 8 - 12. PDF file available: ingram-2002-thinking-like-a-dynamic-mosaic-part-two

4. Ingram, G. B. 2000. Conservation of biological diversity as landscape architecture. in Workingpaper Landskabsøkologiske Skrifter. The Management of Biodiversity from a Landscape Ecological Perspective. Roskilde, Denmark: Roskilde University. 119 - 134. PDF copy available: ingram-2000-conservation-of-biological-diversity-as-landscape-architecture-in-workingpaper-landskabsc3b8kologiske-skrifter1

5. Ingram, G. B. 2000. The implications of landscape ecology for conserving the biological diversity of northern Garry oak, Quercus garryana, ecosystems. in Workingpaper Landskabsøkologiske Skrifter. The Management of Biodiversity from a Landscape Ecological Perspective. Roskilde, Denmark: Roskilde University. 135 - 176. PDF copy available: ingram-2000-the-implications-of-landscape-ecology-for-conserving-the-biological-diversity-of-northern-garry-oak-quercus-garryana-ecosystems

6. Ingram, G. B. 2000. (On the beach): Practising queerscape architecture. in Practice Practise Praxis: Serial Repetition, Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Action in Architecture. Scott Sorli (ed.). Toronto: YYZ Books. 108 – 123. PDF copy available: ingram-2000-_on-the-beach_-practising-queerscape-architecture-in-practice-practise-praxis

7. Ingram, G. B. 1998. Spreading the word. An incomplete history of West Coast queer print media. Xtra West 132 (September 3, 1998): 13, 16. PDF copy available: ingram-1998-spreading-the-word-an-incomplete-history-of-west-coast-queer-print-media

8. Ingram, G. B. 1998. It’s a time warp: Commercial Drive has transformed from women’s places to lesbian feminist spaces to a queer neighbourhood. Xtra West 138 (November 26, 1998): 20 -21. PDF copy available: ingram-1998-its-a-time-warp-vancouvers-commercial-drive

9. Ingram, G. B. 1998. The importance of public sex: Defending the homoerotics of everyday life in Vancouver. Xtra West (Vancouver) 127 (June 25, 1998): 16 - 17. nominated for the Visa-Versa Award for Lesbian and Gay Journalism, 1998.

10. Ingram, G. B. 1998. Walking tour: It’s a time warp. Xtra West (Pride Planner special section) 129 (July 23, 1998): 17. PDF copy available: ingram-1998-vancouver-walking-tour-its-a-time-warp-xtra-west

11. Ingram, G. B. 1997. Vancouver as porn noir: Constructing the racialized & homophobic city. Border / Lines (Toronto) 45: 30 - 34. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-vancouver-as-porn-noir-constructing-the-racialized-homophobic-city

12. Ingram, G. B. 1996. Design for plant conservation: Techniques for setting boundaries of nature reserves. Plant Talk (London) 7: 26 - 29. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-design-for-plant-conservation-techniques-for-setting-boundaries-of-nature-reserves

13. Bombardier, Sylvain; Anne-Marie Bouthillette, Michael Carroll, Trolley Bus, Michael Hoeschen, Jeff Gibson, Michael Howell, Gordon Brent Ingram, Bryan Langlands, Ian Pringle, Kathleen Morrissey. 1995. queers in space vancouver manifesto. UnderCurrents: Critical environmental studies 7: 56 - 57. PDF copy of original manifesto: queers-in-space-vancouver-manifesto-_10-dec-1994_-in-undercurrents-1995

14. Ingram, G. B. 1994. The ecology of a conflict. in Clayoquot & Dissent. R. Hatch and L. Maingon (editors). Vancouver, Ronsdale Press. pages 9 - 71. ISBN 0-921870-29-9.  PDF copy available: ingram-1994-the-ecology-of-a-conflict-in-clayoquot-dissent


Boyce Richardson. Reviews. The Silencing of Clayoquot Sound. The Canadian Forum (Toronto) December 1994, 3 pp. PDF copy available: boyce-richardson-1994-reviews-the-silencing-of-clayoquot-sound-in-the-canadian-forum

Marni Norys. 1994. Chainsaws roar where protest failed. The Comox Valley Record December 16, 1994: 20A. PDF copy available: marni-norys-1994-chainsaws-roar-where-protest-failed-the-comox-valley-record-december-16-1994-page-20a

Jill Thomas. 1995. Undercurrents 7: 49 - 50.

Michael Allen Fox. 1995. Clayoquot and Dissent. Dalhousie Review (1995): 105 - 106. PDF copy available: michael-allen-fox-1995-review-of-clayoquot-and-dissent-in-dalhousie-review

15. Heywood, V., G. B. Ingram, J. Black and L. Olivier. 1993. Managing protected areas to conserve genetic resources. Report of Workshop IV.6 In Parks for Life. Report on the IVth World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas. Gland, Switzerland, The World Conservation Union. 175 - 176. PDF copy available: heywood-ingram-black-olivier-1993-managing-protected-areas-to-conserve-genetic-resources

16. Ingram, G. B. 1992. Landscape indicators for conservation of biological diversity: An example from Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. in Landscape Approaches to Wildlife and Ecosystem Management. G. B. Ingram and M. R. Moss (editors). Morin Heights, Québec, Polyscience. 99 - 134. PDF copy available: ingram-1992-landscape-indicators-for-conservation-of-biological-diversity-an-example-from-haida-gwaii

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18. Ingram, G. B. 1992. Fragmentation: Towards an expanded of the vulnerability of forest habitats on islands. Proceedings of the symposium, In Harmony with Nature, International Conference on the Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity. Kheong, Y. S. and L. S. Win (editors). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malayan Nature Society. 94 - 121. PDF copy available: ingram-1992-fragmentation-towards-an-expanded-of-the-vulnerability-of-forest-habitats-on-islands

19. Ingram, G. B. 1993. A diversity of islands: Ecological assessment for conservation planning in Maluku and Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. SEASPAN: The Northwest Regional Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies (Seattle) VI(3): 5. PDF copy available: ingram-1993-ecological-assessment-for-conservation-planning-in-maluku-and-nusa-tenggara-indonesia

20. Ingram, G. B. 1991. A world of sea and islands. Faces (Seattle) VII(IX): 12 - 16. PDF copy available: ingram-1991-a-world-of-sea-and-islands

21. Ingram, G. B. 1986. Sahel survey documents plant genetic resources. Nature and Resources (Paris) XXII (1 & 2): 45 - 49. PDF copy available: ingram-1986-sahel-survey-documents-plant-genetic-resources-in-nature-and-resources-xxii-1-2-pages-45-49

22. Ingram, G. B. 1984. In situ conservation of plant genetic resources: The scientific and technical basis. Rome, FAO (FORGEN/MISC/84/1 Forest Resources Division, Forestry Department). PDF copy available: ingram-1984-in-situ-conservation-of-plant-genetic-resources-the-scientific-and-technical-basis-fao-report

23. Ingram, G. B. 1983. Parks in the 21st Century. Not Man Apart (San Francisco). February / March 1983: 7. PDF copy available: ingram-1983-parks-in-the-21st-century-in-not-man-apart-san-francisco-february-march-1983-page-7

24. Ingram, G. B. 1981. Protecting what’s left: Prospects for managing ecological reserves in British Columbia. Park News (Toronto) 17 (4): 10 - 13. PDF copy available: ingram-1981-protecting-whats-left-prospects-for-managing-ecological-reserves-in-british-columbia

Jaipur-based historian and researcher, Lokesh Mathur, collaborating on some field studies around Pushkar, Rajasthan, March 2007

popular media
Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2009. Lives Lived: Wilma Valeda Brochu Ingram. (27 October, 2009): L6.  PDF available: ingram-27-october-2009-lives-lived-wilma-valeda-brochu-ingram-the-globe-and-mail

a conceptual diagram of a Mughal era Charbagh, or char bagh (four gardens), in construction

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