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book, media & design reviews

Go’mshewah (Cumshewa) triptych Haida Gwaii June 1974

one of the first photographs taken by Gordon Brent Ingram

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2015. Review of Christina B. Hanhardt, Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence (Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2013). Journal of American Studies 49(3): 645-646.

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2013. Repopulating contentious territory: Recent strategies for indigenous North-west Coast site-based & public art. FUSE (Toronto) 36(4): 7 - 8. PDF file available: ingram-2013-repopulating-essay-fuse-364-7-81

ngram, G. B. 2011. Review of Travis S. K. Kong, Chinese Male Homosexualities: Memba, tongzhi and golden boy, 2011, London: Routledge. Sexualities 14: 748. PDF file available:ingram-g-b-2011-review-of-travis-s-k-kong-chinese-male-homosexualities-memba-tongzhi-and-golden-boy-2011

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2010. REVIEW. Kohl, Benjamin and Linda Farthing. 2006. Impasse in Bolivia: Neoliberal Hegemony & Popular Resistance. New York: Zed. Journal of Radical Political Economy. 42 (3). PDF file available: ingram-2010-review-of-kohl-farthing-2006-impasse-in-bolivia-neoliberal-hegemony-popular-resistance

Ingram, G. B. 2010. Squatting in ‘Vancouverism’: Public art & architecture after the Winter Olympics. [Re-casting The Terminal City part 3]. Reviews of Trevor Boddy’s 2010 exhibit, Vancouverism; the 2010 symposium, Coming Soon: Negotiating the Expectations of Art in the Public Sphere, Audain Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver; the 2010 symposium Learning From Vancouver, The Western Front, Vancouver; Stan Douglas’s “Abbott and Cordova, 7th August 1971,” a 2009 mural of inkjet on laminate glass, Vancouver; and Ken Lum’s “from shangri-la to shangri-la” site-specific installation, Vancouver. designs for the terminal city

Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2006. CONSERVATION IS OUR GOVERNMENT NOW: The Politics of Ecology in Papua New Guinea. By Paige West. Durham (North Carolina) and London (UK). Duke University Press. 2006. Pacific Affairs: 79 (3): 568 - 569. PDF file available: ingram-2006-review-in-pacific-affairs-793-of-durhams-conservation-is-our-government-now

Ingram, G. B. 2002. Review of Mayers, James and S. Bass. 1999. Policy that works for forests and people. Policy that works for forests and people series no: 7 series overview & S. Bass. 2000. Participation in the Caribbean. A Review of Grenada’s Forest Policy Process. Policy that works for forests and people no. 10 Discussion paper. London: International Institute for Environment and Development. Progress in Development Studies 2(4): 354-356. PDF file available: ingram-2002-review-of-mayers-bass-1999-policy-that-works-for-forests-and-people-progress-in-development-studies-24-354-356

Ingram, G. B. 2001. Garry oak ecosystems: Protected areas. site / lines (Vancouver) (October 2001): 5 – 6. PDF copy available: ingram-2001-garry-oak-ecosystems-protected-areas-in-site-lines-page-5-6

Ingram, G. B. 2000. Review of Deforestation in Viet Nam. By Rodolphe De Koninck. Ottawa: International Development Research Centre. 1999. Pacific Affairs 73(1): 145. PDF file available: ingram-2000-review-in-pacific-affairs-731-of-konincks-deforestation-in-viet-nam

Ingram, G. B. 2000. Before the before, Review of 1999. Queer Sites: [Gay] Urban Histories since 1600. David Higgs (ed.). New York: Routledge. The Gay and Lesbian Review (Cambridge, Massachusetts) VII (2) (Spring, 2000): 54-55 PDF copy available: ingram-2000-before-the-before-review-of-1999-queer-sites-in-the-gay-and-lesbian-review-vii_2_54-55; From Moscow with love: Book explores queer geography of seven cities. Xtra West 169 (February 19, 2000): 19, 21 & Sexualities 3(4): 504 - 505.PDF copy available. ingram-2000-review-of-queer-sites-urban-histories-since-1600-in-sexualities-journal

Ingram, G. B. 1999. What’s public, what’s private: Book explore how lines between public and private sex spaces are constantly shifting. Review of Public Sex Gay Space (1999. William L. Leap (editor). New York: Columbia University Press) Xtra West 147 (April 1, 1999): 20 PDF copy available: ingram-1999-whats-public-whats-private-review-of-public-sex-gay-space & Sexualities Journal.

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Review of Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest: Production, Science, and Regulation. by Richard A. Rajala. Vancouver: UBC Press. 1998. Pacific Affairs 72(1): 155 - 157. PDF file available: ingram-1999-review-in-pacific-affairs-721-of-rajalas-clearcutting-the-pacific-rain-forest

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Review of Global Environmental Diplomacy: Negotiating Environmental Agreements for the World, 1973 - 1992, Mostafa K. Tolba with Iwona Rummel-Bulska (MIT Press 1998) & The Greening of Sovereignty in World Politics, Karen T. Litfin (editor) (MIT Press 1998). RECIEL 8 (2): 231 - 232. PDF copy available: ingram-1999-review-of-global-environmental-diplomacy-the-greening-of-sovereignty-in-world-politics

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Review of Talk and Log: Wilderness Politics in British Columbia. By Jeremy Wilson. Vancouver: UBC Press. 1998. Pacific Affairs 72(3): 482 & 483 PDF file available: ingram-1999-review-in-pacific-affairs-723-of-wilsons-talk-and-log & RECIEL 8(2): 235. PDF file available: ingram-1999-review-of-talk-and-log-wilderness-politics-in-british-columbia-in-reciel

Ingram, G. B. 1999. A great high school book: Becoming Visible celebrates the history of U.S. gay politics. Review of Molly McGarry and Fred Wasserman. 1998. Becoming Visible: An Illustrated History of Lesbian and Gay Life in Twentieth-Century America. New York: Penguin Books. Xtra West 150 (May 13, 1999): 23. PDF copy available: ingram-1999-review-of-becoming-visible-an-illustrated-history-of-lesbian-and-gay-life-in-twentieth-century-america

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Romancing the stereotype: National Park a natural spot to subvert queer stereotypes. Review of Private Investigations: Undercover in Public Space. Essays by Kathryn Walter and Kyo Maclear. Banff, Alberta: Banff Centre Press. 1999. Xtra West 151 (May 27, 1999): 17. PDF copy available: ingram-1999-romancing-the-stereotype-national-park-a-natural-spot-to-subvert-queer-stereotypes

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Going to the dogs: Nelson Park is underutilized as a gay space in the heart of the West End. Xtra West 156: 11.

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Review of The Political Ecology of Forestry in Burma. By Raymond L. Bryant. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 1996. Pacific Affairs 71(3): 444 - 445. PDF file available: ingram-1999-review-in-pacific-affairs-713-of-bryants-the-political-economy-of-forestry-in-burma

Ingram, G. B. 1999. Out takes: Queer cinema at Out On Screen (Savor a Mi - Claudia Margado-Escanilla, 1997 + interview; SPF 2000 - Patrick McGinn, 1997; Mrs. Craddock’s Complaint - Tony Ayres, 1997; Rash - Vicky Smith, 1997; Everything Will Be Fine - Angelina Maccarone, 1997; Sunflowers - Shawn Hainsworth, 1996; Dirty Baby Does Fire Island - Todd Downing, 1997; Dakan [Destiny] - Mohammed Camara, 1997) & The 1998 Vancouver International Film Festival (Streetheart - Charles Binamé, 1998; Xiu Xiu - The Sent Down Girl - Joan Chen, 1997; Non - Robert Lepage, 1998; Waalo Fendo [Where the Earth Freezes] - Mohammed Soudani, 1997; La vie sur terre - Abderrahmane Sissako, 1997; Taafé Fanga - Adama Drabo, 1997; Surrender Dorothy - Kevin DiNovis, 1998) Border / Lines 48: 44 - 49. PDF copy available: ingram-1999-out-takes-queer-cinema-at-vancouvers-out-on-screen-international-film-festival

Ingram, G. B. 1998. Sentimental journeys. (Review of Paula Martinac. 1997. The Queerest Places: A guide to gay and lesbian historic sites. New York: Henry Holt). Xtra West.

Ingram, G. B. 1998. Review of Thomas Waugh. Hard to Imagine: Gay Male Eroticism in Photography and Film from Their Beginnings to Stonewall. 1996. New York: Columbia University Press. in Sexualities Journal (London) 1 (4): 489 - 491. PDF copy available: ingram-1998-review-of-thomas-waughs-hard-to-imagine-gay-male-eroticism-in-photography-and-film

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Metropolitan Water Use Conflicts in Asia and the Pacific. Edited by James E. Nickum and K. William Easter. Boulder (Colorado): Westview Press Studies in Water Policy and Management (Published in Cooperation with The East-West Center Program on Environment). 1994. Pacific Affairs 70(1): 108 - 109. PDF file available: ingram-1997-review-in-pacific-affairs-701-of-nickum-easters-metropolitan-water-use-conflicts

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of War of the Mines: Cambodia, Landmines and the Impoverishment of a Nation. By Paul Davies. London: Pluto Press (Distributed in North America by Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado). 1994. Pacific Affairs 70(1): 161 - 162. PDF file available: ingram-1997-review-in-pacific-affairs-701-of-davies-war-of-the-mines

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Wild China. Text by John MacKinnon and Photographs by Nigel Hicks. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. 1996. Pacific Affairs 70(1): 124 - 125. PDF file available: ingram-1997-review-in-pacific-affairs-701-mackinnons-wild-china

Ingram, G. B. 1997. sex migrants: Paul Wong’s video geographies of erotic and cultural displacement in Pacific Canada. FUSE 20(1): 17 - 26. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-sex-migrants-paul-wongs-video-geographies-of-erotic-cultural-displacement-in-pacific-canada

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Sex Between Men: An intimate history of the sex lives of gay men postwar to present. by Doug Sadownick. 1996. New York: HarperCollins. Xtra West 93: 31. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-sex-between-men-an-intimate-history-of-the-sex-lives-of-gay-men-postwar-to-present

Ingram, G. B. 1997. The staying powers of founding faerie. Review of Harry Hay (edited by Will Roscoe). 1996. Radically Gay: Gay Liberation in the Words of Its Founder. Boston: Beacon Press. Xtra West 95: 27. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-harry-hays-radically-gay-gay-liberation-in-the-words-of-its-founder

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Images of Power: Balinese Paintings Made for Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead. By Hildred Geertz. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 1994. Pacific Affairs 70(2): 300 - 301. PDF file available: ingram-1997-review-in-pacific-affairs-702-of-geertzs-images-of-power

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Institutions for Environmental Aid. Robert O. Keohane and Marc A. Levy (eds.) Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. RECIEL 6(1): 99. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-institutions-for-environmental-aid

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Reinventing Nature Responses to postmodern deconstruction. Michael E. Soulé and Gary Lease (eds.). Island Press, Washington, D.C. RECIEL 6(1): 103. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-reinventing-nature-responses-to-postmodern-deconstruction

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Contested landscapes & colliding maps in Pacific Canada topographies: aspects of recent B.C. art Vancouver Art Gallery September 29, 1996 - January 5, 1997. Art+Text (Sydney, Australia) 57 (May - July 1997): 92 - 93. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-topographies-vancouver-art-gallery-arttext-_sydney-australia_-57

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Ecological Design, Sim Van Der Ryn and Stuart Cowan. Island Press, Washington DC. 1996. Land Forum (Summer Fall 1997): 24 - 25.

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Public art & homelessness: Behind the space industry. Review of Evictions: Art and Spatial Politics. Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Press, 1996. by Rosalyn Deutsche. FUSE 20(3): 47 - 48. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-public-art-homelessness-review-of-evictions-art-and-spatial-politics

Ingram, G. B. 1997. SLOW RECKONING: The Ecology of a Divided Planet by Tom Athanasiou, London: Seeker & Warburg. RECIEL 6(2): 216 - 217. (Issue on Trade and Environment) PDF copy available: ingram-1997-slow-reckoning-the-ecology-of-a-divided-planet-reciel

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of National Biodiversity Planning: Guidelines Based on Early Experiences Around the World. World Resources Institute coordinate by Kenton R. Miller and Steven M. Lanou. World Resources Institute Washington, D.C. 1995. RECIEL 6(3): 343. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-reviews-of-national-biodiversity-planning-balancing-the-scales

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of Balancing The Scales: Guidelines For Increasing Biodiversity’s Chances Through Bioregional Management. Kenton R. Miller. World Resources Institute, Washington, 1996. RECIEL 6(3): 343. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-reviews-of-national-biodiversity-planning-balancing-the-scales

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Notes from the Vancouver International Film Festival: Between Marx and a Naked Woman, Licensed to Kill, Franz Fanon: Black Skin, White Skin, Happy Together, Regeneration, Clubbed To Death, East Palace, West Palace. Border / Lines 45: 46 - 48. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-notes-from-the-vancouver-international-film-festival

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Island enigmas. Review of Islands: Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Function. P. M. Vitousek, L. L. Loope, H. Adsersen (eds.) 1995. Berlin: Springer. Global Biodiversity (Ottawa) Winter 1997: 42 - 43. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-islands-biological-diversity-and-ecosystem-function

Ingram, G. B. 1997. Review of The City of Collective Memory: Its Historical Imagery and Architectural Entertainment by M. Chistine Boyer, Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. Transgressions: A journal of urban exploration 4: 123 - 124. PDF copy available: ingram-1997-review-of-the-city-of-collective-memory

Ingram, G. B. 1996. Public art and its discontents: Urban design and “public” art on the margins. Reviews of Urban Revisions: Current projects for the public world at the Centre Canadien d’Architecture, Montréal, University Art Museum, Berkeley, California, 1995; Urban Diary, Walter Hood, University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1995; and Dolores Hayden. 1995. The Power of Place: Urban landscapes as public history. Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Press. FUSE 19(2): 11 - 13. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-public-art-and-its-discontents-urban-design-and-public-art-on-the-margins

Ingram, G. B. 1996. Review of Paul Hallam’s 1993 The Book of Sodom. New York, Verso. Trangressions: A journal of urban exploration (Newcastle UK) 2 / 3: 125 - 126. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-review-of-paul-hallams-1993-the-book-of-sodom

Ingram, G. B. 1996. Review of A Conspiracy of Optimism: Management of the National Forests Since World War Two. Paul W. Hirt. London: University of Nebraska Press. RECIEL 5(3): 274 - 275. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-review-of-a-conspiracy-of-optimism-management-of-the-national-forests-since-world-war-two

Ingram, G. B. 1996. Review of Ecosystem Classification for Environmental Management. Frans Klijn (ed.) published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1994. RECIEL 5(3): 275. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-review-of-ecosystem-classification-for-environmental-management

Ingram, G. B. 1996. In search of queer space on the internet. Review of William J. Mitchell, City of Bits: Space, place, and the infobahn. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1995. & Allucquère Rosanne Stone, The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age, Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1995. Border / Lines 41: 48 - 50. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-in-search-of-queer-space-on-the-internet

Ingram, G. B. 1996. Review of Genetic resources: A practical guide to their conservation. by Daniel Querol. London: Zed Books. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter (Rome) 108: 74. PDF copy available: ingram-1996-review-of-genetic-resources-a-practical-guide-to-their-conservation

Ingram, G. B. 1996. Review of Charles Darwin’s Letter a selection 1825 - 1859. Edited by Frederick Burhardt. 1996. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter 108: 75 - 76.

Ingram, G. B. 1995 - 1996. Review of Mentawai Shaman: Keeper of the rain forest. Photographs and Journals by Charles Lindsay. Historical Essay by Reimar Schefold. New York: Aperture Books. 1992. Pacific Affairs 68(4): 620. PDF file available: ingram-1995-96-review-in-pacific-affairs-684-of-lindsay-schefolds-mentawai-shaman

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Review of Clearcut: The tragedy of industrial logging, edited by Bill Devall, San Francisco, Sierra Club Books, 1993. Forest & Conservation History 39(1): 34. PDF copy available: ingram-1995-review-of-clearcut-the-tragedy-of-industrial-logging-edited-by-bill-devall

Fatona, A. and G. B. Ingram. 1995. scattered at the margins Out in Context: Work by queer students of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, January 4 to 12, 1995. FUSE 18(4) 30 - 31. PDF copy available: fatona-ingram-1995-scattered-at-the-margins-out-in-context-emily-carr-institute-of-art-and-design-vancouver

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Borders and Fragments Review of Canadas [Semiotext(e) #17, Volume VI issue 2]. 1994. edited by Jordon Zinovich and the CANADAS collective, co-published by Semiotext(e), New York and marginal editions, Peterborough, Ontario. Border / Lines 36: 18 - 19. PDF copy available: ingram-1995-borders-and-fragments-review-of-canadas-semiotext_e_-17

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Art + theory + activism in a time of AIDS Review of Beyond Recognition: Representation, Power, and Culture. by Craig Owens. Edited by Scott Bryson, Barbara Kruger, Lynne Tillman, Jane Weinstock. 1992. Berkeley, University of California Press and On the Museum’s Ruin. by Douglas Crimp with photographs by Louise Lawler. 1993. Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Press. FUSE 18(5): 43 - 44. PDF copy available: ingram-1995-art-theory-activism-in-a-time-of-aids-reviews-of-beyond-recognition-on-the-museums-ruin

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Review of Rich Forests, Poor People: Resource control and resistance in Java. By Nancy Lee Peluso. Berkeley: University of California Press. 1992. & In The Realm of the Diamond Queen: Marginality in an out-of-the-way place. by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University Press. 1993. Pacific Affairs 68(2): 301 - 303. ingram-1995-review-in-pacific-affairs-682-pelusos-rich-forests-tsings-diamond-queen

Ingram, G. B. 1995. Review of Uncontrollable Bodies: Testimonies of identity and culture. Rodney Sappington and Tyler Stallings (eds.). 1994. Seattle, Bay Press. Border / Lines 37: 53 - 54. PDF file available: ingram-1995-review-of-uncontrollable-bodies-testimonies-of-identity-and-culture

Ingram, G. B. 1994. Breaking the code: drawing / site / territory. Review of book and film. They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever: Rock Writings in the Stein River Valley of British Columbia. By Annie Zetco York, Richard Daly, and Chris Arnett. Vancouver: Talonbooks 1993. and Bowl of Bone / Tale of the Syuwe by Jan-Marie Martell and Annie Zetco York. Vancouver: Turtle Productions 1992 / 1993. FUSE (Toronto) XVII (3): 37 - 39. PDF copy available: ingram-1994-breaking-the-code-review-of-hey-write-their-dreams-on-the-rock-forever-bowl-of-bone-tale-of-the-syuwe

Ingram, G. B. 1994. Review of Biodiversity Prospecting: Using Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development. By Walter V. Reid, Sarah A. Laird, Carrie A. Meyer, Rodrigo Gámez, Ana Sittenfeld, Daniel H. Janzen, Michael A. Gollin, and Calestous Juma. World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington, D.C. (with Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), Costa Rica; Rainforest Alliance, USA; and African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), Kenya). Review of European Community & International Environmental Law (RECIEL) (London) 2(4): 384. PDF copy available: ingram-1994-review-of-biodiversity-prospecting-using-genetic-resources-for-sustainable-development-in-reciel

Ingram, G. B. 1994. Narratives that subvert site and identity (review of Urinal and Other Stories, John Greyson, 1993, Toronto, Art Metropole + The Power Plant). Angles (Vancouver) April 1994: 26. PDF copy available: ingram-1994-narratives-that-subvert-site-and-identity-review-of-urinal-and-other-stories

Ingram, G. B. 1993. Review of Deforestation in the Postwar Philippines. By David M. Kummer. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press (University of Chicago Geography Research Paper. no. 234). Pacific Affairs (Vancouver) 66(2): 299 - 300. PDF file available: ingram-1993-review-in-pacific-affairs-662-kummers-deforestation-in-the-postwar-philippines

Ingram, G. B. 1992-3. Review of Conflict Over Natural Resources In South-East Asia and thePacific. Edited by Lim Teck Ghee and Mark J. Valencia. New York: Oxford University Press. 1990. Pacific Affairs 65(4): 590 - 591. PDF file available: ingram-1992-3-review-in-pacific-affairs-654-valencias-conflict-over-natural-resources

Ingram, G. B. 1991. Review of Landscape Evaluation: Approaches and Applications. edited by Philip Dearden and Barry Sadler. Victoria, University of Victoria Department of Geography. BC Studies (Vancouver) 91 - 92 (1991-92): 231 - 232. PDF copy available: ingram-1991-review-of-landscape-evaluation-approaches-and-applications

Ingram, G. B. 1990. Review of Design for Mountain Communities: A Landscape and Architectural Guide. by Sherry Dorward, New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold. in Landscape Architecture Review / Revue d’Architecture de Paysage (Toronto) 11(4): 26. PDF copy available: ingram-1990-review-of-design-for-mountain-communities-a-landscape-and-architectural-guide1

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