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Charbagh (4 gardens) skematics

The ‘Charbagh’ as in ‘four’ ‘gardens’ are structured by at least one strong horizontal and at least one vertical, uncovered irrigation channels and flourished in the gardens of the Mughal Empire. Originally inspired by Persian and Central Asian elements, the Mughal Charbagh absorbed more southerly design of South Asia particularly that of Rajasthan.

Detail from Akbar’s Palace in Ajmer, Rajasthan

Gazebo for eastern France inspired by Lahore’s Naulakha Pavilion

This gazebo concept was proposed in 2004 for the garden of Chalet Corbeau in the town of Echenevex in the Pay du Gex region of France, near Geneva. The concept was inspired by Lahore’s Naulakha Pavilion which is photographed above. However, viewed in terms of the Canadian aesthetics of the both the clients and the [...]

Mughal Gardens: Cooling geometries of water, shade & sustainability

Perhaps no garden form, at least in recent centuries, functioned as much like a machine — or an organism as the charbagh of India.

Central axis and trough filled with water of the charbagh Humayun’s Tomb (viewed from the terrace of the tomb), New Delhi, 5 March, 2007, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

Mughal Gardens: The supple, gradated boundaries between exterior & interior spaces

The charbagh as the most basic element of Mughal gardens began as military resting posts in Central Asia as important for horses as for human beings. The only `indoors’ were the interiors of tents. But as many charbaghs were constructed and this new kind of landscape became widely established in India, the Mughal garden [...]

Railtown Studios Green Roof, Vancouver: Liberty apple sapling

The Yamuna River side of the Taj Mahal

The Yamuna River side of the Taj Mahal is a bit less cluttered and provides clues to how, for three centuries, the mausoleum complex sat in a landscape peasant agriculture and woodland. Thanks to my friend and colleague, Ali Mubarak of Delhi, for showing me this place for ongoing studies!