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Charbagh (4 gardens) skematics

The ‘Charbagh’ as in ‘four’ ‘gardens’ are structured by at least one strong horizontal and at least one vertical, uncovered irrigation channels and flourished in the gardens of the Mughal Empire. Originally inspired by Persian and Central Asian elements, the Mughal Charbagh absorbed more southerly design of South Asia particularly that of Rajasthan.

Gordon Brent INGRAM: ongoing projects & collaborations

o Strategies for sustainability transitions

o Ecosystem recovery strategies through environmental planning and design

o Planning and design of public art and other cultural infrastructure for neighbourhood development & ecological restoration
o Critical social and cultural theory and criticism in site-based art, landscape architecture, urban design, and sustainability transitions

o [...]

Artichokes in a roof garden above Vancouver Harbour

Urban pollinator, Railtown Studios Green Roof, Vancouver

Crabapple blossoms, Railtown Green Roof, Vancouver

New leaves of rhubarb & an apple tree, Railtown Green Roof, Vancouver

The green roof of Railtown Studios on Vancouver Harbour: an overview

29 May, 2008
in the garden of agro urban agri culture:
celebrating ten years of the Railtown Studios green roof 1998 - 2008
PDF copy available: 5-2008-the-continuing-evolution-of-the-railtown-studios-green-roof2
The continuing evolution of the
Railtown Studios Green Roof

Railtown Studios is one of Vancouver’s first buildings zoned exclusively for artist / live work rental space. The original concept for the [...]

Railtown Studios Green Roof, Vancouver: Vines of Scarlet Emperor beans

Railtown Studios Green Roof, Vancouver: Grape vines

Railtown Studios Green Roof, Vancouver: Gladiola