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Misfat Al A’briyeen, Hajar Mountains, Oman

Much of the traditional agriculture of the Arabian / Persian Gulf region is in decline or being abandoned. Costs of water and labour have increased as have the expectations of farmers. Imports are relatively cheap. But more remote areas of Oman’s Hajar Mountains remain exceptional examples of particularly cosmopolitan forms of agro-forestry. Here date palm [...]

Lombok: Mid-1990

In mid-1990, I was part of a reconnaissance of the remaining natural habitat of the island of Lombok. This work was part of the initial stages for more comprehensive land use planning for biodiversity conservation – a process that still has only barely begun two decades later.
Just east of Bali, but separated by a deep [...]

Mentawai-initiated protected areas, Siberut, Indonesia

Mentawai-initiated protected areas, Siberut, Indonesia
The island of Siberut is off of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. Until recently, Siberut was dominated by mature rainforest and horticultural landscapes called ladang. In response to government efforts to relocate traditional villages and the negative ecological and cultural impacts of selective logging Siberut has been the subject of a [...]

Keramat: The divergent notions of sacred place in central Java

The exceptionally rich and often spatial notion of the sacred, what is termed keramat in Indonesian, has a central role in Java’s religions that preceded Islam. Many of these earlier religions are still observed in parts of Java today – sometimes even by individuals nominally self-identified as Moslem. There are small, traditional communities of Hindus [...]

Tenganan Bali: Master weavers & archaic agroforestry landscapes

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