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Category Archives: ecosystem recovery strategies

Gordon Brent INGRAM: ongoing projects & collaborations

o Strategies for sustainability transitions

o Ecosystem recovery strategies through environmental planning and design

o Planning and design of public art and other cultural infrastructure for neighbourhood development & ecological restoration
o Critical social and cultural theory and criticism in site-based art, landscape architecture, urban design, and sustainability transitions

o [...]

Misfat Al A’briyeen, Hajar Mountains, Oman

Much of the traditional agriculture of the Arabian / Persian Gulf region is in decline or being abandoned. Costs of water and labour have increased as have the expectations of farmers. Imports are relatively cheap. But more remote areas of Oman’s Hajar Mountains remain exceptional examples of particularly cosmopolitan forms of agro-forestry. Here date palm [...]

Northern Garry oak ecosystems: Landscape ecology analyses for biodiversity conservation planning


Much of my work as an environmental planner and designer has involved conservation and recovery of sensitive ecosystems and an underlying exploration of the relevance of the field of landscape ecology. The group of ecological communities and landscapes with which I have worked for the longest period, going back to my childhood and the land [...]

projects involving temperate rainforest research & conservation

Gordon Brent INGRAM Ph.D.  | email: studio[at symbol]

projects involving
temperate rainforest research & conservation
PDF copy available of this list of projects:

Upper Tofino Creek, in an eastern district of Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, February 1991, photograph by Gordon Brent Ingram

1974 Old-growth forest, Skidegate Plateau, Graham Island and the east coast of [...]

Pakistan’s Salt Range: Exploring alternative strategies for forest biodiversity conservation & community development

I was first invited to the work in the Pakistan Punjab’s Salt Range in August 2000*.On these margins of the Indian subcontinent’s monsoons, the heat of the summer broke into showers. My time in those hills and low-lying mountains has been enchanting though has sometimes been overwhelmed in realization the extent of the [...]

Survey of remaining mangrove forest and human communities, southern Sundarbans, Bangladesh

Sundarbans sample plot for identifying remaining fragments of more intact mangrove forest, courtesy of Mohammed Abu Syed


In August of 2000, at the height of the monsoon rains, I went to the Kulna District of Bangladesh to advise one of my graduate students, Mohammed Abu Syed. ‘Syed’ who now teaches remote sensing for [...]

Lombok: Mid-1990

In mid-1990, I was part of a reconnaissance of the remaining natural habitat of the island of Lombok. This work was part of the initial stages for more comprehensive land use planning for biodiversity conservation – a process that still has only barely begun two decades later.
Just east of Bali, but separated by a deep [...]

Stikine Prairie, above Tuaton Lake, Spatsizi Plateau