Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram: site map for projects & archives

This site is part of a cluster of project and archive sites organized by Gordon Brent Ingram. Ingram’s field studies, reports to plans, and designs are post with some of this work produced as part of a Vancouver-based collaborative group  founded in 1998, side stream environmental design.

Most of Gordon Brent Ingram’s text-based and spoken scholarship has been posted including, peer-reviewed articles, other essays, editorial essays, reviews and critical discussions, creative writing, peer review of journal & book manuscripts, notes from presentations at international conferences & symposia, notes from guest lectures and scholarly meetings, workshop critic & panel contributions, and university courses.

Two bodies of more applied scholarship are posted. Designs for The Terminal City  is the beginning of a blog on urban space, sustainability transitions, and cultural infrastructure. So far much of this work has been focused on Vancouver increasingly international initiatives are described. More recently, work on artist live work studios, as part of cultural infrastructure, has been highlighted with a case study from Vancouver on the history of and current public policy challenges and related activism around Railtown Studios at 321 Railway Street, Vancouver. This site is currently being developed for a conversation between a number of activist scholars exchanging perspectives and constructing arguments on the shifting political economies, locations, urban designs and other material strategies of sexual minorities.

Vancouver’s international airport on Sea Island south of the City of Vancouver photographed from the International Space Station in 1999

A more visually oriented site documents three decades of photographic essays and related site-based projects and interventions outlining mediaconcerns and theoretical engagements, exhibitions, publications, reviews and awards along with numerous photoessays. Along with scores of shorter postings on past essays, there are eight, linked project-based sites of ongoing projects spanning research, documentation and designs, events and other interventions:

À la recherche de certaines récoltes presque perdu – 2014 – 2016 work on site-based studies, designs and interventions to replant in in public space traditional and wild, native fruit trees, in shared apple, plum, hazelnut, and berry gene pools, spanning Pacific Canada and Western Europe — as part of ongoing collaboration as castle grünenfelder ingram;

fragments‘, the first word in the title of Brochu-Ingram’s MSc thesis in Ecosystem Management, explores the visual, textual & territorial aspects of some ecosystems and cultural landscapes along and near the West Coast of North America;

edziza trip & crossing cold streams comprises a set of investigations begun in the early 1980s documenting the shifting politics and aesthetics of the Stikine headwaters of north-western British Columbia. Today this region is under increasing pressure for natural resource development, including for oil and natural gas extraction, as well as under increased levels of control and stewardship by the First Nations governments with traditional territories in this vast area just east of South-Eastern Alaska;

Sahel Survey documents early work on often  impoverish and conflicted, rural landscapes in the Sahel countries of West Africa, a region that has also fostered cultural diversity and innovation, with Ingram’s field work going back to the great famine of the late 1980s;

roof is a space for explorations of green roofs and the cultures, scientific investigations, designs, technologies, practices, and representations of gardening on buildings;

e&n is comprised of visual and textual studies along the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway lines of south-eastern Vancouver Island touch on numerous villages, towns and suburbs as well as First Nations territories;

The woods at Buena Vista Park is a case study begun in 1979 of a public park in San Francisco with diverse social uses, heritage woodlands, native habitat, public sex, queer sites, security issues, public ceremony and ritual, and public debate around cycles of site redesign and related decision-making frameworks;

portraits of men documents shifting male experiences, sexual politics, and representations; and

da oscurità ad oscurità is an ongoing project on the roles of imagery, text & ideology in the public open spaces of Rome, a study initiated in 1985 and that over the years has received support for research and documentation from a range of agencies and foundations, notably the Canada Council.

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