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Curating Laiwan’s four decades of artistic production, activism, theoretical engagement & teaching based in Vancouver: A resource site

Analysis: Proposed City of Vancouver Bylaw Amendments “to Support Artist Studios in Industrial Areas”

pdf copy of Ingram’s analysis for Recommendations to City Council of Vanocuver to be discussed and probably approved on January 15, 2013: 2013-jan-12-awls-from-ingram-proposed-city-bylaw-amendments-artists-in-industrial-with-city-docs

Gordon Brent Ingram BFA PhD
side stream environmental design

January 12, 2013

AWLs the artist work live studio consultative group of Vancouver

Gordon Brent Ingram, side stream environmental design

The Vancouver Renters Union position on Railtown Studios (321 Railway Street Vancouver)

The 2nd Annual CRAFT PRIDE PROCESSION, Stratchona - Chinatown, Vancouver

CRAFT PRIDE PROCESSION was created in Vancouver, Canada, in 2011.
“We came together as a small collective to share our passion for textiles, process art and craftivism.
We were inspired by Lacey Jane Roberts, who has connected queer theory and craft in a very intelligent and creative way. The result of this is the Procession through which [...]

False Creek: Public Art and / versus Real Estate Marketing | Collective Memory and / versus historical editing | Cultural production and / versus heritage markers

Since the first cities, public space has been a mash-up of art and advertising, fun and high culture, and remembering and forgetting. Many of the cultural (and political) stories and messages of communities, especially their elites, are transmitted through how public art and memorial works fits into and transforms adjacent urban space. So the environmental, [...]

Alexander & Columbia Streets, Gastown, Vancouver

Spontaneous sculpture park on railroad tracks at Union and Glen Streets, Vancouver

Alley graffiti off Main at Third Avenue East, Vancouver