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scholarship & activist vitae: *2022 1 * BROCHU-INGRAM curriculum vitae art practices: 2022 Gordon Brent BROCHU-INGRAM arts vitae Spanning an arc from ecological to urban environmental design to public and other kinds of site-based art, I engage in a kind of decolonial ‘environmental planning’ rooted in renewed dialogue around social and environmental injustice through new […]

expertise | activism | leadership

My work centres on development, evaluation and teaching (including research supervision) of innovative environmental planning and design methods extending to contemporary visual culture including, · networks of open space and protected areas, especially on islands with forest, initiated by indigenous communities and governments and related joint management, · conception, development, and curation of related public, environmental, and […]

Salish fruits & vestiges of cultivation such as orchard sites

Much of the 2018 field season has focused on Salish fruit trees, in the circumpolar (and Beringian) genera of Malus (apple), Prunus (cherry), Corylus (hazelnut), and Crataegus (hawthorn). The geographical focus has been on sites of historic harvesting and more active stewardship on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Some field work in Europe, on closely […]

Persistence: Land(scape) in contemporary indigenous visual & activist practices

2018 April 17 Brochu-Ingram – Persistence Land(scape) in contemporary indigenous (notes) The Powerpoint file in PDF  

Nearly lost: Four bus-shelter posters re-introducing Vancouver’s Salish fruit trees

Nearly lost: Four bus-shelter posters re-introducing Vancouver’s Salish fruit trees client / host  City of Vancouver Public Art Program initial posters in the ongoing ‘Nearly Lost’ project 4 different posters installed in 20 bus shelters with the poster dimension 47.25 inches x 68.25 inches. installation October 10 to November 7, 2016 (with locations attached) authorship […]

KEXMIN field station: Ongoing Salt Spring Island field research & development of new field courses in landscape ecology

The work of KEXMIN field station centres on fostering new kinds of conversations spanning traditional Salish knowledge, modern environmental science, and contemporary culture in the hopes of driving new policy, design approaches, and public art. And central to much of this work is a renewed empiricism around ecosystems, species (especially species at risk), indigenous legacies […]

The Tree Question: Field research & cultivation practices in community-based public art in an age of ecological crises

Gordon Brent BROCHU-INGRAM, KEXMIN field station, Salt Spring Island, Canada PowerPoint presentation: 2016 April 25 Brochu-Ingram TransHEAD ‘The Tree Question’ PowerPoint abstract: 2016 April 25 Brochu-Ingram TransHEAD ‘tree’ presentation bilingual notes: (trad) 2016 April 25 Brochu-Ingram TransHEAD ‘tree’ presentation 2016 April presentation Geneva University of Art & Design Trans – Mediation, Education, * Haute École d’art et de […]

Ecological, ethnobotanical & design studies of wild cherry, Prunus virginiana, and wild crabapple, Malus fusca, on the Gulf Islands

chokecherry, Prunus virginiana, Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island 2016 August 9 through 12, photographs by Alex Grunenfelder & Gordon Brent Brochu-Ingram   ***   Pacific crabapple, qwa’upulhp (in the downriver dialect of Halkomelem), Malus fusca, north of the site of the village of Xwaaqw’um, Burgoyne Bay, Salt Spring Island 2016 August 11 & 12, photographs […]

creative writing

A more complete list is posted at Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2011. The importance of public sex in the age of digital appliances. in Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public. (edited by Carlos Motta and Joshua Lubin-Levy). New York: Forever & Today. page 78. Ingram, Gordon Brent. 2010.‘roof’ included in the exhibition, ‘Produce Produce: […]

work in progress

 Pacific dogwood in a rainstorm 2014 May 14 Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, castle & ingram (Julian Castle & Gordon Brent Ingram) WORK IN PROGRESS Some of these projects are being developed into monographs, for publication as books, while other products will only be digital.   Ingram. G. B. False Creek: Art, Artifice, and Public […]