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roof, Produce Produce: Re-Examining Urban Sustainability, Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, British Columbia

‘roof’ catalogue in PDF: gordon-brent-ingram-2010-roof-in-produce-produce-exhibition-arnica-kamloops

‘roof’ consists of a series of notes, documents, and explorations of Vancouver’s first dedicated green roof. Approved by Vancouver City Council in the summer of 1995, the Railtown Studios green roof was installed in 1998 as part of a public-private redevelopment of a fish warehouse, that had been owned by the City, for artist / designer live / work studios. The garden became another workshop for artists and designers to explore and create. At times, the dissonant contributions of a dozen or more households, at any one time, have felt operatic. At other times, the food and (agri)cultural production on the roof was more like tentative, and often flat, performance art. And at other times, the roof garden felt like a sandbox for toddlers. And somehow the plants, bees, aphids, worms, slugs, ants, and migratory birds have suffered the vagaries of multiple creative processes with far more grace than the many Homo sapiens who have enjoyed the food and visual delights. This work in Kamloops and accompanying booklet is the beginning of a reflection, visual exploration, and documentation project that could well go on for some time.