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work in progress

#3 Pacific dogwood in a rainstorm 2014 May 14 Mt Maxwell Salt Spring Island - castle & ingram #07 (small)

 Pacific dogwood in a rainstorm 2014 May 14 Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, castle & ingram (Julian Castle & Gordon Brent Ingram)


Some of these projects are being developed into monographs, for publication as books, while other products will only be digital.


Ingram. G. B. False Creek: Art, Artifice, and Public Space in a Globalizing City. This project is a discussion of the construction of public space and the public art within it, within the context of colonialism, environmental change, globalization, neoliberalism, and and a resurgence of contemporary indigenous cultural production through a mapping, chronicle, and analysis of public art and relevant cultural institutions around Vancouver’s historic False Creek (including today’s False Creek Flats). The project is being offered to the University of Toronto Press where I have an unfulfilled book contract.


Ingram, G. B. Repopulating Contentious Territory: Recent Indigenous Aesthetic Interventions in Public Space on the West Coast of Canada. This project is an expansion of a paper given at the 2013 Decolonial Aesthetics Symposium at the University of Toronto and describes strategies by indigenous arts on the West Coast for re-engaging and reconstructing public space (and arts spaces) in communities such as Vancouver. The project has been tentatively recommended to a decolonial aesthetics series being developed by Duke University Press.


Ingram, G. B. Islands in a Storm: Globalization, global change, and locally initiated conservation planning in some margins of the Pacific Rim. This book examines indigeneity, marginalization, disparate interests in and perspectives on biodiversity and natural habitat, and conservation interventions involving such groups as indigenous communities, settlers, extractive interests, tourist developers, governments and globally oriented environmental organizations.


Ingram. G. B. Designs for The Terminal City: Sustainability Debates in Vancouver. This ongoing project is a compilation of essays derived from the site,


Ingram & Ferdinando Villa. under contract and through initial peer review. Tradeoffs in Biological Diversity Conservation: Alternatives in planning networks of protected areas. This project is on contract in the Springer-Verlag series on international environmental management.


Ingram, G. B., Samia Rab and Michael Habib. proposal stage. Re-Ordering & After: Heritage landscapes and neighbourhoods under globalization. We are developing a book based on expanded research from a monograph published through the University of California, Berkeley. On of the themes of the book is the recent devaluation of tribal and other traditional societies in the region and the shift to more artificial, less unsustainable, and often hostile urban public space.


Ingram, G. B. Queer Infrastructure: Spaces and organizations of interdependence and care for community development. This theoretical monograph is an expansion of an abbreviated chapter on Greater Vancouver and is intended for a university press series.


Ingram, G. B. Shifting Islands: Indigenous legacies in northern Garry oak ecosystems of Pacific Canada. This project examines the historic alienation of Salish communities, around the Strait of Georgia of British Columbia, from their land bases and ecological sources of inspiration and materials for artistic production. The focus is on the cultural landscapes of northern Garry oak meadows and woodland now generally considered the products of 5,000 years of indigenous burning, digging and other stewardship. Today, these ecosystems in the rapidly urbanizing, extreme south-west of Canada and support a high degree of biological richness with nearly 100 species now considered at risk. At the same time, indigenous communities, in the region, are increasingly active in protection, restoration and use of these landscapes for cultural production and community renewal. This project was encouraged by Greystone Press.


Ingram. G. B. The Woods in Buena Vista Park: Some shifting communities, designs and public space in San Francisco. This ongoing project is a compilation of essays derived from the site,

This is a project that I began as a BFA student in photography and may stay a website or may become a limited edition art book.


Ingram, G. B. da oscurità ad oscurità: The ecology of imagery, ideology & public open space in Rome. The project is an exploration of the impact of symbols and images in urban public space as highly contested social and cultural arenas. This project began in 1985 in a four year period when I lived in Rome with subsequent residencies related to these investigations. This ongoing project is a compilation of essays derived from the site,